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Environmental Loads

Environmental Load Maps of Russia

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Data Source

These maps are part of SNIP 2.01.07-85, Loads and Effects, Appendix 5 (Revision 2, effective 2003-07-01).

The full text of SNIP 2.01.07-85 is readily available in English. Please contact SNIP and order your copy today!

Map 1A: See inset on Map 1
Map 4A: Ice Loads - Caucasus Mountains
Map 4B: Ice Loads - Central Asia Mountains
Map 4V: Ice Loads - Primorskiy Kray and the Sakhalin Island
Map 4G: Ice Loads - North European Russia at the Altitude of 200 m
Map 4D: Ice Loads - North European Russia at the Altitude of 300 m
Map 4E: Ice Loads - North European Russia at the Altitude of 400 m

     Environmental Loads
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