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Authorized Reseller Program
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Overview of the Program

The SNIP Authorized Reseller Program is designed for our customers who purchase SNIP products for resale to their customers.

Join our Reseller Program to

  • Take advantage of a reseller discount.

  • Simplify and speed up the ordering process.

  • Effectively manage your cash flow using our “no payment for 30 days” offer.

  • Shorten the response time to your customers’ requests for information or prices.


1. We offer unique information products such as the Indexes of Russian Industry Standards and the Database of Kazakhstan Industry Standards. These products are unavailable anywhere else in the world, because our competitors do not have the information resources large enough and reliable enough to create and support them.

2. Our databases contain the world’s largest collections of titles of technical standards and regulations in use in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

3. Our databases contain tens of thousands of current, historical, and withdrawn standards of Russia, Kazakhstan, and the former USSR, most of which are available in electronic format (in the original language).

4. In contrast to our competitors, we constantly monitor regulatory information and promptly revise and update our databases.

5. We offer a substantial reseller discount, deferred payment, and a simplified ordering procedure.

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