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Wireless Network Equipment

How to Purchase Wireless Equipment

To purchase wireless equipment, simply follow these steps:

     Step 1:  Decide what you need
     Step 2:  Request a price quote
     Step 3:  Place your order



Step 1:  Decide What You Need

Can`t find what you need?  Contact us to discuss your needs and requirements!

Please note that the items listed on our website represent only a limited range of mass-application product families, not including specialized and industrial equipment such as high-capacity multi-channel routers, extra long-range bridges, VoIP gateways, and advanced telemetry equipment.  Depending on your needs, we can customize our base models to meet your requirements or produce specialized devices that conform both to your specifications and IEEE standards for wireless equipment. We are constantly improving our designs as technology evolves and can offer a technology solution that best meets your goals, needs, and budget.

The selection of the equipment for your wireless network depends on many factors, including:

  • How many computers and other hardware devices you want to connect to the network.

  • The anticipated network traffic.

  • The network operating radius required.

  • The data transmission speed required.

  • The planned network architecture (ad hoc or infrastructure).

  • The need for backwards compatibility with existing wireless devices.

  • The operating conditions for the wireless equipment (the material of the building structures, the number of floors in the building, the ceiling height in the rooms, the presence of large groups of people, the presence of moving machinery and mechanisms in the radio visibility zone, etc.).

  • The need to combine several unconnected networks into a single network.

  • The communications range needed (when connecting remote networks and hardware).

  • The operating environment for outdoor equipment and antennas (high winds and heavy snow).

If you are new to wireless technology, we strongly advise you to read the section Technology, where you will find a brief summary of wireless computer networks and equipment.

If you have difficulty deciding by yourself what equipment you need, we will gladly provide free consultation. Our experts will analyze what you want and your specific conditions for installation of the wireless communications equipment and suggest the best configuration for your wireless network, select the equipment you will need, and give you the prices and shipping costs.

Step 2:  Request a Price Quote

Send us your request for a price quotation. Review the questions in Step 1, and then briefly describe what you need and want. Dont forget to indicate the geographic region where the equipment will be delivered.

Step 3:  Place Your Order

After you place your order and agree on the price and delivery method, you can pay by credit card, check, or bank transfer. We will fill your order as soon as we receive your payment.

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