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SNIP provides information products and services relating to technical regulations and standards in use in Russia and Kazakhstan. The scope of regulatory information provided by SNIP covers all major industries - oil and gas, petrochemical, telecommunications, power generation and transmission, food processing, agriculture, and construction - and a broad range of disciplines, including research, design, manufacturing, testing, inspection, quality assessment and control, safety, and environmental protection. The range of products and services offered by SNIP includes full texts of technical regulations, standards, design manuals, engineering information, electronic databases, and annual indexes of technical regulations and standards.

Why Use SNIP as Your Source of Information?

Here are a few facts to give you an idea of our capabilities:

  • Our many years of strong links with government agencies and standards developers enable our specialists to find practically any standards published in Russia, Kazakhstan, and the USSR in the past 40 years and provide them to subscribers.

  • Our databases are the largest collections in the world of titles of technical standards and regulations in use in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, with tens of thousands of current and historical standards of Russia, Kazakhstan and the former USSR available in electronic format (in the language of origin).

  • Our electronic databases of regulatory information have no equals in content, completeness, functional capabilities and accuracy of information.

  • Our specialists keep track of regulatory documentation using alternative sources of information to ensure that the information offered to our subscribers is reliable and accurate.

  • We have offices in three time zones on three continents – Europe, Asia, and North America – so our team can productively use the 12-hour time difference and truly operate 24 hours per day.

  • We speak three languages – Russian, Kazakh, and English – so we can maintain direct contacts with our sources of information, ensure that we offer top-quality information products and services, and clearly and effectively communicate with our customers worldwide.

  • Our multinational team of specialists considers its primary objective to be to satisfy our customers’ need for technical standards information and to ensure that the time-sensitive information our customers receive is supplied on time and is correct, verified, and reliable.

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