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Wireless Network Equipment

Manufacturer’s Warranties

1. The Manufacturer warranties that the wireless equipment, devices, and software/firmware (collectively referred to as “Equipment”) is free of manufacturing defects and malfunctions.

2. The warranty period shall extend for one year from the date the equipment is purchased. The warranty period may be extended at the Manufacturer’s discretion for customers purchasing large lots of Equipment. The warranty period shall not exceed 3 years from the date of purchase of the Equipment. The warranty for equipment removed from production shall continue in effect for the initially established warranty period for the given Equipment.

3. During the warranty period, the Manufacturer shall be obligated to correct any defect in the Equipment free of charge by repair or replacement with similar Equipment, provided that said defect was the fault of the Manufacturer. Replacement Equipment may be either new or refurbished, but in any case the Manufacturer shall warranty that its performance will be equivalent to that of the Equipment replaced. Warranted replacement of Equipment shall not apply to Equipment lost in shipping.

4. Should any failed Equipment be repaired by the Manufacturer under the warranty, the warranty period shall be extended for a time period equal to the duration of the repair.

5. Should the warranty period expire less than one month after repair of Equipment, the warranty period shall be extended for 30 days from the date the repair was completed.

6. The Manufacturer shall not be held responsible for the compatibility of the Equipment and software/firmware supplied with any hardware or software/firmware produced by other manufacturers unless expressively stipulated in the Manufacturer’s documentation.

7. Under no circumstances shall the Manufacturer be held liable for any losses, including loss of data, loss of profit, or other accidental, subsequent, or incidental losses occurring due to improper actions for installation, setup, operation, and maintenance of the Equipment, or due to unauthorized modification or repair of the Equipment resulting in temporary inoperability or failure of the Equipment.

8. The Manufacturer shall not be responsible for fulfilling warranty obligations if the testing and/or analysis performed by the Manufacturer shows that the product does not have the defect claimed, or if such defect occurred as a result of violation of the requirements for installation, setup, operation, or maintenance of the Equipment, or any other actions involving attempts to increase the capacity of the Equipment or to perform functions not claimed by the Manufacturer.

9. The warranty shall not cover setup and servicing of the Equipment by the Manufacturer and at the Manufacturer’s cost.

10. The warranty shall not apply to defects and malfunctions of the Equipment occurring as a result of the following:

  • Failure to comply with generally accepted requirements for transportation and storage of the Equipment.

  • Failure to comply with the technical requirements for installation, setup, operation, and maintenance of the Equipment.

  • Careless handling of the Equipment.

  • Use of the Equipment for other than its stated purpose.

  • Repair or modification of the Equipment by persons not so authorized by the Manufacturer.

  • Accidental or intentional external impacts, including mechanical, electrical, electromagnetic, or other impacts.

  • Environmental impacts (temperature, humidity, vibration, precipitation, etc.) beyond the limits claimed by the Manufacturer.

  • Contamination of the Equipment by foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects, etc.

  • Force Majeure (such as fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, power supply network voltage surge, windstorm, electromagnetic pulse, etc.).

11. The warranty shall not apply to counterfeit products bearing the Manufacturer’s trademark.

12. The Manufacturer reserves the right to refuse to apply the warranty to

  • Equipment having visible mechanical damage to external and/or internal parts, including cracks, chips, dents, broken antennas, and connectors.

  • Equipment for which warranty service was requested by a person who is not the actual owner or user of the given Equipment.

  • Equipment for which the terms of this warranty were violated.

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