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Wireless Network Equipment

Warranty Service

During the warranty period for the wireless equipment you purchase, you can count on technical support under warranty provided that the terms of the warranty are met. This includes the following services:

  • Free consultation on installation, setup, operation, and maintenance of the equipment.

  • Free technical support for diagnosing and correcting problems in installation, setup, operation, and maintenance of the equipment.

  • Free software/firmware patches.

  • Free software/firmware updates.

  • Free correction of manufacturing defects.

Please contact us to request warranty service.

Repair and Replacement of Equipment

Defects in wireless equipment under warranty will be corrected by repair or replacement with similar equipment provided that this is a manufacturing defect. For repair or replacement of defective/damaged equipment, use our special form to submit your request for authorization to replace any defective/damaged items. On the form, indicate the model number of the equipment, the firmware version (if necessary), the serial number of the equipment (if available) and your contact information. In the space used to indicate the reason why you are returning the equipment, please don’t use common phrases like “doesn’t work”, “broken”, etc. Please clearly indicate the problem and describe when it occurred in detail. This will help us review and correct your problem faster.

The technicians at our service center will review your form and contact you for details if necessary. If it is a problem that you can correct yourself (without returning the equipment to our service center), our specialists will give you recommendations on how to do this. If the service center technicians decide that the equipment needs factory repair or replacement, we will send you a confirmation that we are ready to accept your equipment for repair or replacement and instructions on how to mail the equipment.

You pay the shipping costs both ways for equipment needing repair or replacement. After determining the problem, we will repair or replace warranted equipment promptly and free of charge. We reserve the right to either repair or replace equipment at our discretion. If we replace it, the replacement equipment may be either new or refurbished equipment, but may not necessarily be identical to the original equipment.

To submit a request for authorization to return a product for repair or replacement, please use our Authorization Request Form.

Limitation of Warranties

User equipment sent to the service center for repair or replacement will be examined by service center technicians to verify that it conforms to the Manufacturer’s warranty. If the examination shows that the equipment is not covered by the warranty (for example, if the equipment was operated in violation of the terms stipulated in the Manufacturer’s warranty), the warranty for that equipment shall be void and the customer shall be requested to pay for equipment repairs.

If we do not find the defect you claim, the equipment will be returned in the same condition in which it was received by the service center.

Repair Not Under Warranty

You must pay for shipping both ways and for repair of equipment for which the warranty is void or has expired.

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