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Environmental Load Maps of Russia

Every building and structure must be designed to resist the ultimate strength loads and allow for thermal expansion and contraction of structural components. Spanning nearly half the circumference of the Earth in the east-west direction, Russia constitutes more than one-ninth of the world’s land area. Its climate ranges from the arid steppes in the south to the tundra in the Arctic north. Use these contour maps for historical weather data such as air temperature, wind pressure, and snow/ice build-ups.

Seismic Zone Maps of Russia

Use these maps to determine the earthquake magnitude scale for your construction site in Russia.

Metric Conversion Charts

The Russian Federation and other ex-Soviet countries use the International System of Units (SI). These charts should help you accurately convert between the metric units and their English-system equivalents. The charts include conversion factors for such units as angle, area, density, fluid capacity, flow, force per unit length, heat transfer, illuminance, length, luminance, mass (weight), moment of force, pressure, stress, speed, temperature, thermal conductivity, volume, work, energy, and heat.

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