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Isoseismal Maps of Russia

These isoseismal maps of the Russian Federation have been developed by the Russian Academy of Sciences under the government-sponsored General Seismic Zoning Program (OSR-97). The maps show the seismic intensity levels of the Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik scale (MSK-64) assigned to earthquake sites within the three regions of the Russian Federation - the European part of Russia, Siberia, and the Russia`s Far East. The maps are grouped by region. Each set of maps includes three maps, covering 10-percent (Map A), 5-percent (Map B), and 1-percent (Map C) probability of increase over mapped indexes of seismic activity in a given area within a 50-year period.

To view the maps, click the links to the left.

1 - European part of Russia
2 - Siberia
3 - Russian Far East

Key Map

The seismic intensities shown on the maps shall be applied to sites with soils of standard profile types as specified in SNIP II-7-81, Construction in Seismic Areas. The full text of SNIP II-7-81 is readily available in English. Please contact SNIP and order your copy today!

     Seismic Zoning
     European Russia (Map A)
     European Russia (Map B)
     European Russia (Map C)
     Siberia (Map A)
     Siberia (Map B)
     Siberia (Map C)
     Russian Far East (Map A)
     Russian Far East (Map B)
     Russian Far East (Map C)
     Largest Earthquakes in Russia
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