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Purchase Order Guidelines

If your company is required to use formal purchase orders, the following information can assist you in preparing and placing purchase orders for goods and services offered by SNIP. Please follow these guidelines so that we can process your orders without delays.

Buyer Information

Your purchase order should include the following information:

1. Purchase order number.

2. Buyer information, including

  • Company/organization name.

  • Mailing address.

  • Purchasing contact`s name, phone, fax, and e-mail.

3. Billing information, including

  • Method of payment.

  • Preferred currency.

  • Preferred billing period (for subscription items only).

  • Billing contact`s mailing address, name, phone, fax, and e-mail.

4. Shipping information, including

  • Mailing address (street address is required for packages shipped by express mail).

  • Recipient`s name, phone, fax, and e-mail.

5. Signature, name, and title of a buyer`s officer or authorized purchasing agent.

Vendor information

SNIP REGISTER, INC. must be listed as a vendor. Refer to our Contacts page for contact information.

Merchandise Description

Include information that is sufficiently detailed to identify the products and/or services being ordered.

Products. If an item of merchandise has a unique Locator Code (for information products) or Model Number (for hardware products), indicate it on your order along with the item name, quantity, and unit cost (or the total amount if your purchase price was quoted on a lump sum basis).

Services.  When ordering services (such as translation, research, or consulting), provide a brief description and the agreed fee for each service to be performed. For example: "English translation of SNIP 21-01-97".

Subscriptions. Identify a subscription item by using its title as it appears on the subscription description pages. Include the required number of users, billing period, and subscription fee for one billing period.

Taxes, Duties, and Customs

Sales tax

A sales tax in the amount of 8.5% must be added to orders from customers residing in the State of Illinois, unless a tax exemption certificate is provided.

Backup Withholding

SNIP is not subject to backup withholding under the backup withholding rules set by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Thus, you are not required to withhold tax from your payments to us. To obtain our TIN and backup withholding information, download our form W-9 .

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Purchase, Service, License Agreements

Once we accept your purchase order, it becomes a binding contract between the buyer and vendor. We reserve the right to refuse purchase orders that specify property transfer, warranty, usage, and performance conditions that conflict with our standard terms, conditions, warranties, and disclaimers for a particular product or service. Please make a reasonable effort to modify your standard terms and conditions to resolve the conflicting provisions.

Information Products.  Unless otherwise noted, all informational products offered by SNIP (such as documents, databases, and software) are subject to SNIP license agreements, which define all terms and conditions for installation, use, updating, removal, or movement of the product from one hardware device to another. When ordering items that are subject to licensing, your purchase order must refer to the terms and conditions of the license agreement for that item.

Services.  If the service being provided is subject to a separate, written service agreement, your purchase order must state that the provision of the service is based upon the terms and conditions of that service agreement.

Subscriptions.  When placing your order for a subscription item, you must confirm that you have reviewed and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the appropriate Subscription Agreement, which is the standard document regulating the terms and conditions of the subscription. Therefore you must include a statement to that effect on your purchase order. If you dont agree with any provision of the Subscription Agreement, or your specific business and financial activities require substantial revisions or modifications to the text of the Subscription Agreement, please contact us to resolve all service-related issues prior to placing your subscription order.

Hardware. Review our standard warranty to see whether it meets your requirements.

Payment terms

Unless your organization has prior approval from our finance department to use Authorized Purchase Orders, we require prepayment of all orders, that is, payment in full must be arranged using one of the payment methods we accept.

For Authorized Purchase Orders, the payment term may not exceed thirty (30) calendar days.


The delivery time for a particular item of merchandise depends on the type of delivery medium used for that item and suitable means of delivery, such as shipping or electronic delivery over the Internet. For items that require shipping, the shipping rates and delivery time vary depending on destination.

Submitting you purchase order

Fax, mail, or e-mail your purchase order using contact information listed on the contact information page.

Please contact us if you have any questions, need additional information, or require clarification of any of the above information.

Thank you for your assistance! We look forward to receiving your purchase order.

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