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Program Restrictions

You WILL NOT qualify for the Reseller Program if you are an unincorporated business or if your organization falls into one or more of the following categories:

(i) Public libraries.

(ii) Special libraries (i.e., your organization`s library).

(iii) Nonprofit organizations such as trade associations, research organizations, and standards developing organizations.

(iv) Government organizations, including national standards developing bodies, that DO NOT engage in the commercial distribution of technical standards, regulations, and engineering information developed by other parties such as national (government and private), international, and foreign standards developing organizations.

(v) Data aggregators, integrators, and service providers that intend to use the merchandise purchased as a component of their information services and libraries, databases, software, or other data storage and distribution systems, regardless of the purpose and method for use thereof.

(vi) Organizations providing consulting services such that any time-sensitive information or a substantial portion of any information contained in the merchandise purchased is provided or transferred to any of their clients in any form and by any means (orally, in hard copy, on optical or magnetic media, by means of electronic telecommunications, or by any other means).

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