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The Subscription Administrator is the employee of the subscriber who is authorized by the subscriber to serve as a liaison between the users and the information services provider. Any employee of your company--for example, the librarian, document control coordinator, or quality assurance specialist--who has direct access to the Database can serve as a Subscription Administrator. It is not mandatory to have a Subscription Administrator in your company, but it is desirable, since this improves the efficiency of the information service, especially in the case of a multi-user subscription.

The subscription materials and updates are generally sent to the Subscription Administrator, and he or she distributes the subscription materials to the users. The Subscription Administrator takes requests from users to search for documents, is responsible for timely reprogramming of the electronic keys, and performs other functions associated with the information services.
Our Service Representative is the primary point of contact for your Subscription Administrator.

If the Subscription Administrator at your company has changed, or if the telephone number or e-mail address of your Subscription Administrator has changed, please promptly inform our Service Representative.

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