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The Regulatory Information Services are designed to provide you with access to the most up-to-date regulatory information. You can use the information services listed below during your subscription term. Unless otherwise indicated, the price of these services is included in the subscription.

  • Access to the database containing bibliographic information and complete texts of the technical regulations and standards.
  • Continuous monitoring and regular updating of the documents in the database.
  • Access to the specialists at our Research Center, who will on your request find and deliver to you the information you need on a given topic or document.
  • Fast delivery of documents found per your request.*
  • Technical support for software and hardware that comes with your subscription.

*Shipping and handling costs apply.

Subscription Service

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Software Licensing

If you need to install additional copies of the software or purchase additional licenses, itís fast and easy. You can also count on our significant discounts for current subscribers.

Information Services

Canít find what you need in the Database? Not sure if some provisions of a particular standard are in force? The specialists at our Research Center will find this information and provide it to you.

Billing and Payment Questions

How often will you be billed? How can you correct errors in your bill? What currency must you use for payment? Find the answers to these and other questions here.

Who to Contact for Help

A personal Service Representative is at your disposal throughout your subscription term. Contact him with any questions on information service, technical support, and billing.

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