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Many on-line information services use an impersonal customer service system which begins with a toll-free call and ends with endless referrals of the client from one department to another. We care about the valuable work time of our clients, and therefore our subscriber service process is based on different principles.

Our subscriber service system at the Regulatory Information Services is based on personal Service Representatives specially assigned to each subscriber. Your Service Representative is the primary connecting link between you, the subscriber, and our team of specialists who provide information services to your company. You only need one point of contact, your personal Service Representative, to deal with all issues pertaining to your subscription: subscriber services, filling requests for searches for documents, software updates, technical support, and payment of invoices. The great advantage of your personal Service Representative is that you donít need to run around various departments to resolve one issue. Contact your Service Representative and all your questions will be answered and issues resolved quickly and effectively.

For subscribers with many users, the Service Representative generally works with your Subscription Administrator, rather than with each individual user.

Donít know the name, telephone number or e-mail address of your personal Service Representative? Contact us.

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