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Russian Technical Regulations

Regulatory Reform in Russia

The Russian government has embarked on regulatory reform. The reforms should inflict serious damage on the post-Soviet bureaucracy, taking the right to establish mandatory technical requirements away from the bureaucrats in the industrial ministries and inspection agencies. Why the reforms? Will the old standards remain in force? How long will the transitional period last? Read the overview of the Russia`s current regulatory environment to find out how the reforms may affect your business in Russia.

Developing Technical Regulations

The Federal Law “Technical Regulation” radically changed the procedure for developing, reviewing, enacting, and revising technical regulations in Russia. The law does not limit who can develop technical regulations, and requires mandatory public discussion of drafts of regulations. These provisions of the law assure active participation of the public, businesses, trade associations, and consumer advocacy groups in the process of developing technical regulations.

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Glossary of terms used in the sphere of technical regulation and standardization in Russia.

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