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User Interface

Since the Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan only stores information, it does not have an integrated user interface. To use the Database, the User Software must be installed at the usersí workstations.

User Interface

The User Software is the tool that you use to search for and retrieve information from the Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is simple and easy to use. Its design incorporates standard Windows elements that do not require extensive training to use. A user can start the program and immediately proceed to search for information and use the texts of the documents.

Document Search

The primary function of the User Software is to provide you with simple and effective tools for searching for regulatory information in the Database. You can choose the search method that gives you the quickest route to the information you want.

The search by terms enables you to enter search criteria in an on-screen form, after which the program will search for the terms in the Database and display a list of the documents meeting the search criteria you chose. This type of search makes it possible to find documents according to indexes, numbers and titles, as well as using the tables of contents and full texts. In addition, you can refine your search by specifying the status of documents and the revisions and amendments to documents within specified time periods.

The search method using the list of documents uses a classifier tree consisting of a system of multi-level folders. The folders are used to access the lists of documents in the Database. Each folder contains documents on a specific subject, including such industries and spheres as fire safety, the environment, health safety, industrial safety, product certification, quality control, construction, communications, transportation, energy, oil and gas, and petrochemistry.

Document Bibliographic Information

The User Software enables you to view the bibliographic information on documents. This bibliographic information is displayed in the form of a report indicating the status of the document, the date it was enacted, the names of the developers, the name of the entity that issued the document, the number and title of the document replaced, and information on revisions to this document.

Document Texts

Using the User Software, you can view the texts of documents in the database, search through the text of an open document, and print text as you wish.

Using the Software

You control the functions of the User Software using commands from the command menu. The User Software also has a graphic toolbar for the most frequently-used commands. For users who are accustomed to only using the keyboard (without using the mouse and control buttons), the User Software enables you to control the command menu from the keyboard. In this case, the toolbar will be closed, giving you more on-screen room. You can choose some commands in the command menu using hot keys to work faster.

Toggling Between Languages

You can switch the interface language from Russian to English and back and search for information and view the list of documents in either language. The full texts are displayed in the original language.

Interface Settings

You can choose the settings you prefer for individual components of the software. For example, you can enlarge the font for easier viewing. The User Software enables you to set the filters and view modes and sort the list of documents displayed on screen as a result of your search. The database includes canceled documents in addition to documents in force if you need them (for example, to rehabilitate or modernize facilities constructed using codes that are no longer in use). Icons with different colors are used to denote the status of documents. If you wish, you can include only documents in force, only canceled documents, or both in the list of documents.

User Help

The software includes on-screen help so that you can quickly find information on how to use various functions of the software. The software includes Userís Guides in Russian and English.

We invite you to view the demonstration of the functional capabilities and user interface of the software.

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