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Information on Pricing and Payment

Prices Starting as low as $70 per user per month!*

*Based on a 250-user license issued for a subscription term of 48 months or longer.
Request a Quote. If you have not yet received an instant price quotation, please complete the on-line request for a subscription price quote.


Subscription Prices. The price of a subscription consists of the prices of the individual Library End-User Licenses. The terms "subscription price", "subscription fee", and "license fee" have the same meaning, which is the total price of all Library End-User Licenses in a given license package.

License Packages. Library End-User Licenses are offered in packages with a predetermined number of users—5, 10, 50, 100, 250 or more—each of whom is bound by the subscribing organization`s Subscription Agreement and the single Library End-User License. The package of licenses you need to purchase depends solely on the planned number of users who will have access to the Database. To correctly determine how many licenses you need, we recommend that you carefully review the various installation options and Library usage options.

Single-User Licenses. All Library End-User Licenses are sold in packages with a predetermined number of users as indicated above. Unless your organization is a current subscriber in need of adding more user licenses to its ongoing subscription, you may not purchase one, two, three, or any arbitrary number of licenses that are not packaged.


Volume Discounts. The price discounts for the Library End-User License vary according to (a) the license package purchased and (b) the length of the subscription you choose (such as 1, 2, 3 years or longer). The longer the subscription term and the more licenses in the package you purchase, the lower the cost per each user. To maximize your volume discount, we recommend that you purchase packages that cover more users.

Special Discounts. We DO NOT currently offer price discounts for government agencies or nongovernmental organizations located outside of Kazakhstan.

Payment Terms

Billing. Subscription fees are charged in advanced. For example, if you purchase a 24-month subscription, you pay in advance for 24 months of service.

Currency and Payment Methods. Subscription payments can be made by electronic funds transfer (bank transfer) or bank check in U.S. dollars.

Other Conditions

Minimum Subscription Term. The minimum subscription term is 12 months.

Subscription Renewal. Unless you let us know that you have made a decision not to renew, we will automatically renew your subscription at then current rates for a period equivalent to the length of your current subscription. This approach is designed to ensure uninterrupted flow of information and provision of services to all individual users authorized by your expiring subscription agreement.

Early Termination. You may terminate your subscription by giving us at least thirty days written notice. If your subscription term exceeds 12 months, we will refund the unused portion of your subscription fee less early termination penalty. Subscription fees for the past and current 12-month period are nonrefundable.

For example, let`s say you have commited to a 36-month subscription term. That subscription term consists of three 12-month periods (3 x 12 months = 36 months). Should you decide to terminate the subscription agreement any time during the second (current) 12-month period, you will be entitled to a refund for the third 12-month period less the penalty. The portion of your subscription fee that covers the past and current 12-month periods is nonrefundable.

Request a Quote. If you have not yet received an instant price quotation, fill out our on-line price quote request form to get a fast price quote for the Regulatory Information Services.

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