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Billing and Payment

The subscription shall be prepaid according to the terms of the Subscription Agreement. Late payment penalties may apply to later payments. Please pay on time to avoid these late fees.


Invoicing Method

We send invoices to our clients by e-mail, and may also send a duplicate invoice by mail.

Billing Schedule

Your billing schedule will depend on the payment schedule you chose with your subscription. The payment schedule is indicated on your invoices.

You can change your payment schedule. For this, contact your Service Representative with a request to change the payment schedule. A change to the payment schedule will be documented in the form of a written addendum to the Subscription Agreement. In this case, the price of your subscription will be recalculated to account for the discounts that apply to the payment schedule. Generally, the longer the time interval between payments, the greater the discounts, and thus the lower the total cost of your subscription.

Invoice for First Subscription Period

When you subscribe, we will send you an invoice indicating the total due for the first subscription period (or for the entire subscription term, if you choose to pay that way).

Current Invoices

You will receive an invoice for the next billing period near the end of each billing period.

Reimbursable Expenses

In addition to the subscription fee, your invoice may also include reimbursable expenses that we incurred in the process of providing information services to your company, including

  • Postage, courier costs, and other costs associated with delivery of subscription materials and materials acquired at your request.
  • Cost of acquiring and copying materials found at your request.
  • Costs of banking services and penalties imposed by financial institutions on subscriber payments.

The total of the reimbursable expenses may be included in the current invoice, or may be on a separate invoice.

Billing Errors

If you find an error in your invoice, contact your Service Representative and we will correct the error immediately.

Didn`t Receive Your Current Invoice, or Lost It?

Contact your Service Representative, who will send you a duplicate invoice.


Payment Methods

You can pay for your subscription by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or bank check. Personal checks are not accepted.


May a payment in the currency indicated on your invoice.

If you want to change the currency used to pay, ask your Service Representative. A change in the currency for payment will be documented in the form of a written addendum to your Subscription Agreement, which will indicate the new payment recalculated to the currency you choose. We currently accept payments in US dollars and Euro.

Where to Send Your Payment

Your invoice indicates the mailing address for bank checks, and the information for bank transfers.

Change in Contact Information

If your e-mail or mailing address at which you normally receive your invoice changes, please promptly inform your Service Representative.

Whom to Contact for Billing and Payment Questions?

Please contact your Service Representative for all billing and payment questions.

Don`t know the name, telephone number, or e-mail address of your Service Representative? Contact us.

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