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License Agreements

The legal and technical requirements for installation and use of the software are stipulated in the License Agreements, which are also called simply "Licenses".

To use the software provided without violating the terms and conditions of the Subscription Agreement, you will need a separate software license for each installation of the Database or User Software.

Licensing Rules

The licensing of the software is subject to rules with which you must comply to avoid violations of copyright law and the terms and conditions of the Subscription Agreement.

Revisions and Amendments to Text of Licenses

We reserve the right to make revisions and amendments to the texts of license agreements pertaining to technological improvements of the software and hardware.

Purchasing and Returning Licenses

During your subscription term, you may need additional licenses, or a situation may arise where you need to return unused licenses.

Purchasing Additional Licenses

To purchase additional software licenses, you need to determine why, what and how many additional licenses you need. After this, get the price quotes for the additional licenses from your Service Representative. Current subscribers generally receive significant discounts for additional licenses. Our discounts take into account how long you have been our client, your good record of complying with the terms and conditions of the Subscription Agreement, the number of current users, and other factors. For this reason, we DO NOT recommend that you use the online form to get price quotes for additional licenses. This form is intended for new clients and does not take the factors above into account. The price quotes obtained using the online form wont reflect the discounts that current subscribers get. Therefore, to get price quotes with the discounts for current users, contact your Service Representative.

The fact of purchase of additional licenses will be reflected on your invoice, which will indicate the type, quantity, and price of the licenses purchased.

Return of Licenses by Subscriber

If you need to reduce the number of software licenses previously purchased for any reason, your Service Representative will process your request. However, keep in mind that, if you return unused licenses, the license fee for your remaining licenses may be subject to revision. This is because you may have received a volume discount for the licenses you previously purchased. The more licenses you purchased, the greater the discount and the lower the cost of the individual licenses. If the number of licenses you have decreases, the discount will decrease accordingly and the new license fee will increase.

The fact of a decrease in the number of your licenses will be reflected on your invoice.

If you want to return licenses, you will need to return the electronic keys. The keys must be returned in proper working condition, undamaged, and without evidence of unauthorized tampering.

Replacement of Licenses in the Event that the Electronic Keys are Lost

Please understand that it is impossible for us to verify whether a key has actually been lost. For this reason, unfortunately we simply cannot replace a lost key free of charge. Since the electronic key is used for user authentication, it is an inseparable component of the software, and therefore subject to the same terms and conditions as the software with which it is used. To receive a new key, you will have to purchase an additional software license, and you will have to pay the license fee for the license involving the lost key until the end of the subscription term. We dont doubt your word, and we regret your loss of the key, but we are forced to resort to this strict policy because of a very few dishonest subscribers who attempt to add free users to their subscription by claiming a key was "lost".

The only way to delete the cost of the lost key from the balance due on your subscription is to correct the license fee for the keys you have left using the procedure for returning licenses described above.

Please take adequate steps to safeguard your electronic keys against loss or theft.

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