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Regulatory Information Services

Note to users. Users generally communicate with us via their company`s Subscription Administrator. Please refer all questions to your Subscription Administrator.

Updates of Regulatory Information

Please don`t forget to promptly install the Database updates that you receive from us!

Search for Documents

Request for search for documents

If you can`t find any document in the Database, or if the Database doesn`t contain the full text of the document you want, please contact your Subscription Administrator to request a search for the document.

Note to Subscription Administrators. A search request must be a written request (in any form) to the Service Representative, who will instruct the specialists at our Research Center to conduct a search. Documents found in hard copy will be immediately mailed to you. The Service Representative will periodically check on documents that are not immediately available and inform you of the progress of the search.

To speed up the search for a document you want, please provide us with as much information as possible on the document: index, number, title, year enacted, name of approving entity or name of developer, etc. The more information we have on a document, the easier it will be to find. Regardless, insufficient or incorrect information won`t stop our search specialists—we will use all information sources available to us to find the document you need.

Delivery Time

If we have the document you want, we will send it to you immediately (as a hard copy or electronic file). If we don`t have it, our specialists will search for it. Since many factors will impact the delivery time, we generally can`t predict when your document will be available. The factors that will impact the time needed to find the document include how much information you give us on the document, the availability of the document (not all regulatory documents are publicly accessible, and not all publicly accessible documents are easy to find!), a limited number of copies printed, the industry specialization, and other factors. Despite these obstacles, our specialists will spare no efforts to fill your request!

Change of Mailing Address

Please promptly inform your Service Representative of any change in your mailing address where we generally send subscription materials, software updates, and documents acquired at your request.

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