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Electronic Keys

Our software uses a procedure for verifying that the user is authorized to access information stored in the Database. This procedure is called "authentication". Electronic keys are used for user authentication. The electronic key (the so-called "HASP terminator"" or "dongle") is a hardware device that is connected to the USB port of the computer where the User Software is installed. The keys are part of the software delivery set--one key for each user.

Installing the Key

The procedure for installing the key on the computer is covered in the User`s Guide.

Reprogramming Keys

Each key is programmed for a specific time period during the subscription for which the subscriber has paid the license fee. The key must be reprogrammed at the end of this period. If you do not reprogram the key in a timely manner, the User Software with which the given key is used will stop working. For the software to start working again, you will have to reprogram its key.

The procedure for reprogramming the hardware keys is generally determined by us. Contact your Subscription Administrator with questions about reprogramming an expired key.

Can You Receive another Electronic Key in Place of One That is Lost?

We will gladly replace a defective key, but unfortunately we cannot replace a lost key free of charge. Since the electronic key is an inseparable component of the software, it is subject to the same rules, terms, and conditions as the software with which it is used. To obtain a new key, you will have to purchase another software license.

Please take adequate steps to safeguard your electronic keys against loss or theft.

Wireless Network Equipment

If you are using the wireless network equipment you obtained from us, go to the Wireless equipment section for information on warranty service and technical support.

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If you have never seen a user authentication key, that`s not surprising. Electronic keys are generally used with professional-class high-end software such as the regulatory and engineering databases provided by SNIP. Here is what the USB-based user authentication key looks like:

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