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Scope of Technical Regulations

As a rule, general technical regulations contain basic requirements for a wide range of facilities and types of activity, including safe operation of machinery and equipment, safe operation of buildings and structures, fire safety, biological safety, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental safety, and nuclear and radiation safety.

As to special (industry-specific) technical regulations, the lawmakers do not yet have a definite concept of their form and scope. It is still unclear whether the industry-specific technical regulations will contain numerical data, tables, and formulas (as is typical for the technical standards currently in force), or whether they will only contain references to specific technical standards. The future will determine whether the members of the Russian Parliament consider it advisable to amend the federal law, for example, to change technical data on content of chromium in various grades of stainless steel.

While it provides great freedom of discretion to the developers of the industry-specific regulations, the Federal Law “Technical Regulation” emphasizes that special technical regulations must not contradict general regulations.

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