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Recommended Installation and Use

You can install the Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan in your computer system in various ways. The Database can be installed for use in single-user, multi-user, or combined mode.

Regardless of the Database installation and use mode, the User Software must be installed at each user’s workstation and connected to the computer where the Database is installed. Additionally, electronic keys are used for user authentication, with one key for each user. The electronic key is installed in the USB port on the user’s computer.

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User Software

Wired networking

Wireless networking

Single-User Mode

In single-user mode, the Database and User Software are installed on one personal computer. This is the fastest way to access the Database using the User Software, since the data exchange occurs within the computer and is not limited by the capacity of the network or the traffic in the network.

Installation on user computer

Single-user mode is generally used:

  • In small companies where only one employee uses the regulatory documents.
  • Where the company does not have a LAN.
  • Where the Database needs to be installed on laptop computers for employees sent to remote sites that do not have access to the company LAN.

1 – Database
2 – User Software
3 – Electronic Key

Product Set for One User

If you purchased only one Database End-User License, the Database under this license can only be used by one user in single-user mode. Several employees can use the Database in single-user mode, provided that you buy a multiple-user license to cover each employee who needs access to the Database. For example, if you have five computers, and both the Database and User Software are installed on each computer, then up to five users can use the Database in single-user mode. In this case, you will need to purchase a package of five Database End-User Licenses (and you will get five User Software Licenses free).

Multi-User Mode

Multi-user mode allows a group of employees to use the Database in your local area network (LAN). In this case, the best means for providing user access is centralized installation of the Database on any hardware – server, workstation, or network storage device – to which the users have direct access via the computer network. The network can be either wired or wireless.

  • Installation in wired computer network
  • Installation in wireless computer network

The advantages of centralized installation of the Database are:

  • Easy Database updating. The Database is updated centrally without having to reinstall the local copies of the Database on the users’ computers. The Database does not have to be reinstalled if the users’ computers are updated or replaced.
  • Easy User Software updating. The Database software includes a routine for automatically updating the client’s User Software the first time the client’s User Software is used to access the Database after being updated.
  • Client mobility. The User Software can be easily moved from one computer to another without reinstalling the Database.

1 – Database
2 – User Software
3 – Electronic Keys

Multi-User Set

Combined Mode

The combined mode for use of the software is a combination of the multi-user and single-user modes. The combined mode is for use where some of the users in your company use the Database in multi-user mode (via a network) and some use it in single-user mode (on their own computers). Your employees who are sent to work at remote sites (oil fields, construction sites, branch offices, etc.) that are not connected to the computer network where the Database is installed generally need single-user mode. For these users, both the Database and User Software are installed on laptop computers.

Combined mode requires installation of several copies of the Database. Can we get by with only one copy? Of course! You just need to combine all your company’s computers into a single network and use centralized installation of the Database. Until recently, combining separate, remote company facilities into a unified network was difficult and expensive. Wireless networking technology solves that problem. Computer networks using wireless equipment are inexpensive and easy to install and maintain. If you connect remote users’ computers to the network using wireless networking, you only need one copy of the Database, which you can install in the file server at the central office.

We will gladly assist you in installing a wireless computer network. The wireless networking equipment that we provide is outstanding in its quality and reliability and superior to similar equipment from the leading manufacturers.

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