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Advantages of User Software

The most distinctive feature of the User Software is its advanced design that makes the User Software structurally independent from the information databases with which it is used. The next generation of the User Software will allow simultaneous connection of multiple databases to the User Software, aggregating all your regulatory and engineering information resources into a single information management package. This two-tier structure, which physically separates data and data management software, provides advantages that would otherwise be difficult, cumbersome, or expensive to achieve.

Flexibility. The flexible structure of the software enables it to be installed and used locally (on a desktop or laptop computer) or in a network. Your systems administrator can choose to install the Database on one computer (in peer-to-peer networks) or on a file server for centralized file storage.

Easy switching from one mode to another. You use the same software in local mode and centralized mode. Where it is used in a peer-to-peer network, you donít need to reinstall the Database. You can switch to multi-user mode by installing User Software at additional workstations and connecting them to the existing Database installation.

Expandability. If the number of users increases, User Software can be installed at additional workstations and connected to the Database without reinstalling the Database.

Fast recovery in the event of hardware failures. If you install the Database on backup servers in cluster systems in case the primary server fails, the users can quickly connect to the backup server used to bypass the primary server.

Distribution of network traffic. Installation of additional copies of the Database on several servers makes it possible to divide users into groups and connect each group to a dedicated Database installation. Such distribution makes it possible to reduce the traffic in the file server where the Database is installed and use the network efficiently.

Easy updates. Since the Database is physically separate from the User Software, you can update the Database without reinstalling the User Software at the workstations. The User Software is automatically updated the first time it opens the Database after updating.

Simple, elegant design. The control panels of many computer programs have so many commands and buttons that they look like aircraft instrument panels. On the background of the other programs, the User Software interface is simple and easy to use.

Dual-language user interface. You can switch the interface language from Russian to English and back and search and view document lists and bibliographic information in the selected language.

Ergonomics. The User Software interface was developed to enhance visual perception of on-screen information. The control panel enables fast, efficient use of the Database. The screen font can be enlarged to create the visual comfort needed to use the software.

Easy use. The User Software developers understood that users donít have the time or desire to study the functional capabilities of the software. Therefore, the User Software has a standard Windows user interface so that a beginner doesnít need seminars and training sessions to use it. The user can simply start the program and begin to search for information and use the texts of the documents.

Adjustable settings. You can adjust the settings of individual components of the User Software interface to your needs.

Free networking hardware. When you subscribe to the Regulatory Information Services using the Database in wireless networks, you also receive free equipment needed for wireless networking. Wireless network adapters and technical support for installation are provided free of charge.

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