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Single-User License

Each copy of a publication containing Indexes of Russian Industry Standards automatically comes with a Single-User License, which is issued to the original purchaser of the publication. If you purchase a publication from a SNIP authorized reseller, your organization is considered to be the original purchaser of that publication. The original purchaser of a publication is called a Licensee, a person to whom the Single-User License is granted.

For each Single-User License purchased, a Licensee has the right to designate one individual within the Licensee's organization who has the sole right to use the Publication in a manner consistent with the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement. Such a person is called an Authorized User. An Authorized User does not have to be a specific person. A Single-User License allows multiple employees of the Licensee to access and use the publication so long as all three of the following conditions are met:

1. The publication is installed or accessed on no more than one computer.
2. No more than one hard copy of the publication, or any portion thereof, is printed and used within the Licensee’s organization.
3. No more than one individual is using the publication at any given time, regardless of the publication's format.


Authorized Users may not

  • Install or copy the publication on more than one computer.

  • Create multiple copies of the publication.

  • Print out more than the one hard copy of the publication, or any portion thereof, permitted by the Single-User License.

  • Share the publication, in whole or part, electronically or in hard copy format, with other persons.

  • Distribute copies of the publication to multiple offices or work sites.

End-User License Agreement (EULA)

To view the full text of the End-User License Agreement (EULA) for a Single-User License, click the following link: Single-User EULA.


More information:

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