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Site License

A Site License covers an unlimited number of Authorized Users at a single facility ("site"). The Site License is a “network license”, since it permits an unlimited number of Authorized Users to simultaneously access a copy of a publication via an electronic network, such as a pier-to-pier network, local area network, or company intranet.

You should consider purchasing a Site License if

  • You want to install and distribute the publication on a local area network, or

  • Your facility has more than 20 persons who need access to the publication via the local area network.

Since the most efficient way to distribute information via a network is by posting a publication on a centralized file server, purchasing a Site License will ensure that only the most up-to-date version of the Publication is available to all users at any given time.


Each Site License is restricted to use at a single site. If the users within your organization are NOT all located at a single site, you must purchase a separate Site License for each site.

Each Site License comes with a Site License Agreement, which specifies how a site as a whole may use the product, while each Authorized User under the Site License is subject to a Single-User EULA.

Site License Agreement

To view the full text of the Site License Agreement for the Indexes of Russian Industry Standards, click the following link: Site License Agreement.


More information:

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