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How to Purchase User Licenses

The following information pertains to End-User Licenses only. For information about reseller licensing, please refer to the Authorized Reseller Program section of this web site.

Each copy of a publication containing Indexes of Russian Industry Standards automatically comes with a Single-User License, which limits the right to use the publication to one person. You can increase the number of Authorized Users for a particular publication by purchasing (a) a Multi-User License for more users or (b) a Site License if you wish to make the publication available to an unlimited number of users on your computer network.

Here are the three simple steps to add Authorized Users:

Step 1: Determine the Number of User Licenses Your Organization Needs

Step 2: Review License Options

Step 3: Review Pricing and Place Your Order

Step 1: Determine the Number of User Licenses Your Organization Needs

The number of User Licenses depends on a number of factors, including

  • How many employees need access to a publication.

  • The need for the publication in various departments or subsidiaries of your organization.

  • The need to provide user access to the publication via your organization’s electronic network.

Step 2: Review License Options

Before purchasing a publication, we recommend that you review the various license options to determine which license option meets the specific needs of your organization. We also recommend that you review the licensing principles and read the various licensing examples.

Step 3: Review Pricing and Place Your Order

After you have determined the type and number of User Licenses you need, review the license prices on the product description pages and then place your order. To maintain order accuracy, we do not accept orders by phone. We are sorry, but we also do not accept orders via the web site at this time. Please e-mail or fax your order using contact information listed on the contact information page. On your order, indicate the payment method you want to use.

If using your company purchase order, your purchasing agent should review and follow our guidelines for preparing and placing your organizations purchase order prior to submitting the order. Please note that when you purchase additional User Licenses for any publication you purchased previously, a portion of the original license price will NOT be credited towards a purchase of the new License.

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