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Licensing Glossary

The terms and definitions provided below only apply to End-User Licenses and End-User License Agreements for the Indexes of Russian Industry Standards.

Terminology applying to Reseller Licenses and Reseller License Agreements is provided in the Authorized Reseller Program section.


Authorized User.  An individual who has a Licensee’s permission to use the Publication according to the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement. An Authorized User shall be an individual within the Licensee's organization who is an employee of the Licensee and is directly subordinate to the Licensee pursuant to an individual employment contract. Authorized Users must be direct employees of the Licensee, and not of the Licensee's clients, vendors, consultants, service providers, agents, contractors, subcontractors, business partners, consortium partners, joint venture partners, affiliates (other than wholly owned subsidiaries), concessionaires, subscribers, members, or associative/cooperative members and employees thereof.

CD-ROM.  A computer medium (or media) used to transfer the Publication from the Licensor to the Licensee.

Computer.  A personal electronic computing device, irrespective of design, whether stand-alone or used in a network environment, to which an Authorized User has direct or indirect access. The definition of a computer does not include (a) an electronic computing device (also known as a “server”) that provides services, resources, and data to client electronic computing devices and/or workstations or (b) a network device with limited computing resources (also known as a “thin client”).

Computer Printout.  A reproduction of a Publication on paper or other non-electronic medium created by a computer printer.

End User.  See Authorized User.

End-User License Agreement (EULA).  A legal contract between the Licensor and Licensee that specifies how the Publication may be used by both the Licensee and Authorized Users.

Facility.  See Site.

Index of Russian Industry Standards.  See Publication.

License.  Official permission granted by the Licensor to the Licensee to use the Publication. See Single-User License; Multiple-User License; Site License.

License Agreement.  A legal contract between the Licensor and Licensee. See End-User License Agreement; Site License Agreement.

Licensee.  An individual person or business entity to which a License has been granted.

Licensor.  The entity authorized to issue a License and conclude License Agreements.

Multiple-User License.  A License granting the Licensee the right to install copies of the Publication on computers in the quantity stipulated in the Multiple-User License, with one copy for each Authorized User. Each Authorized User individually is subject to a Single-User EULA. A Multiple-User License DOES NOT permit installation of a Publication on a local area network; this requires a Site License.

Product.  See Publication.

Publication.  A single copy of an Index of Russian Industry Standards purchased by a Licensee, which includes a computer file(s) or a hard copy version thereof and may include associated media, printed materials, and electronic documentation. “Index of Russian Industry Standards” means a Publication identified as one of the following: (i) Alphanumeric Index of Russian Industry Standards, (ii) Index of Historical and Withdrawn Russian Industry Standards, (iii) Category Index of Russian Industry Standards, or (iv) modifications and derivative works thereof. When used in the plural form, the term “Indexes of Russian Industry Standards” (or “Indexes”) refers to all aforementioned Publications as a class of Publications.

Single-User License.  A License that permits not more than one Authorized User to use a Publication.

Site.  A facility occupied by the Licensee’s employees. A site may be a Licensee’s wholly owned subsidiary, branch office, field office, or work site. Normally, a site is equipped with an internal electronic network such as a pier-to-pier network, local area network, or intranet, access to which is generally restricted to facility employees. A Site License is used to distribute Publications in such a network.

Site License.  A License that permits an unlimited number of Authorized Users at a single site to simultaneously access a copy of the Publication distributed via an electronic network, such as a pier-to-pier network, local area network, or company intranet.

Site License Agreement.  A legal contract between the Licensor and Licensee that specifies how the Licensee should install and distribute the Publication to an unlimited number of Authorized Users at the Site.

Workstation Computer.  See Computer.

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