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Regulatory Information Services

Regardless of your type of operations in the Republic of Kazakhstan, you must comply with the technical regulations and standards. Your subscription to the Regulatory Information Services will enable you to make technical decisions that will help you avoid costly penalties and lawsuits.

The Regulatory Information Services are intended for local and foreign companies conducting engineering, design, research, manufacturing, and import/export operations in Kazakhstan.

Our Regulatory Information Services are offered as a subscription package that includes the following services:

1. Access to information using the electronic database. Subscribers access the information resources using a regularly updated Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Database contains the bibliographic information and full texts of documents in use in Kazakhstan.

2. Monitoring and updating of regulatory information for Kazakhstan. We constantly monitor the regulatory information pertaining to Kazakhstan and regularly update the information provided to subscribers.

3. Human search. For all the developments in automated information retrieval, nothing yet matches the ability of experienced, skillful human searchers. The specialists of our Research Center find and acquire documents requested by subscribers and are available to answer questions.

4. Document delivery. We will send you the documents you requested, as hard copies delivered by courier, and/or in electronic format via the Internet.

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