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Regulatory Information Search Service

Finding the technical regulations and standards needed to operate in Kazakhstan is not always easy, and sometimes simply impossible. The only solution is to entrust this work to professionals! Our many years of close ties with government agencies and codes and standards developers in Kazakhstan enable our specialists to find practically any regulatory documents and deliver them to our clients, regardless of whether they were published last week or 40 years ago. Our search services help you to save the time and money that would otherwise be wasted having your employees search for documents.

On your request, our search specialists will find the full texts of regulatory documents that arenít included in our Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. These documents will generally include technical regulations that were developed, officially approved, and published by government institutions and private-sector standards developers in the USSR, CIS, and Republic of Kazakhstan, are in force (or previously were in force) in Kazakhstan and are available to a wide range of users.

Our search services also include a service highly valued by our clients: during each twelve-month period, you can receive fifty (50) technical standards that we find per your request FREE!

The cost of the search service is included in the cost of the subscription. You pay only the cost of the documents and shipping & handling charges for regulatory documents that we find for you in excess of the 50 free during the twelve-month period.

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