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Monitoring and Updating of Information

The use of out-of-date information and lack of knowledge of new requirements could cause serious damage to your projects, finances, and professional reputation. To avoid this problem, you should always have access to up-to-date information.

Our specialists continuously monitor regulatory information and regularly update the Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Every six months, our subscribers receive an updated version of the database on compact discs or DVD that contain the latest information on revisions, amendments, and cancellation and enactment of documents, as well as the revisions to the full texts of revised documents.

Additionally, we provide every subscriber with a personal point of contact with us for individual information support. On your request, your point of contact will provide more detailed regulatory information that you need (for example, confirming the status of a given regulatory document in Kazakhstan), assign acquisition specialists to acquire documents you want, and provide other information and subscription support.
The cost of monitoring and updating of the information is included in the cost of the subscription.

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