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Database Software

As the volume of regulatory information increases, it gets harder every year for specialists to find the information they need in hard-copy publications. Electronic means for storing, retrieving and using information come to the rescue.

The Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan (“Database”) is an electronic database that contains bibliographic data and full texts of the standards in use in Kazakhstan: technical regulations, codes, standards, instructions, guidelines, manuals, and related statutory regulations. The Database includes documents issued by private-sector standards developers and government organizations and oversight agencies in the spheres of fire safety, public health, industrial safety, product certification, quality control, construction, communications, transportation, energy, oil & gas, the petrochemical industry, and other industries.

The Database is provided to subscribers on the basis of a license.

To access information stored in the Database, subscribers are provided with free copies of the User Software, a computer program that allows you quickly find the documents you want, retrieve their bibliographic data, view full-text documents on screen and print them. The User Software is provided to all subscribers free of charge.

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