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Advantages of Our Information Services

The Regulatory Information Services were designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of the information resources of companies and organizations operating in Kazakhstan.

The comprehensive approach to services for our clients. Since narrowly specialized information won’t give you the full picture of the regulatory requirements in your field, the lack of such features as search services and monitoring and updating of the information would make the information services inadequate. This is why our Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan covers numerous industries, and the information services are integrated. Our services are aimed at saving you time and money and helping you to protect your business against material liability and damages as a result of failure to comply with regulatory requirements.

Live communications with clients. Many suppliers of information services offer their products in the form of a computer program or a set of compact disks with document files. This approach has a number of defects. For example, what should a buyer do if he doesn’t find the information he needs in the program he purchased? Complain to the vendor or ask the vendor to find the document he needs? Will the vendor search for it? How can a buyer trust the vendor’s word that the information purchased is the most up-to-date information? How can this even be verified if the vendor doesn’t offer monitoring support? We also provide software to our subscribers, but we take a different approach to providing our clients with the information they need. We view software as simply a means to deliver the information to where it is easiest to use – your desk. If you need help from a live person to find a missing document, to verify whether a given document is in force in Kazakhstan, or to check whether a document has been revised, our specialists are always available!

Search support for clients. Our subscribers know that the information services we provide are backed up by live people ready to help at any minute. If you can’t find the document you need for any reason – whether it has been canceled, has only recently been published, or is not currently in use in Kazakhstan – we can literally dig up the document for you. Our many years of close ties with the developers of technical standards, legislators, and government oversight agencies enable our specialists to find practically any regulatory documents published in Russia, Kazakhstan, and the USSR in the past 40 years and deliver them to our clients. The Regulatory Information Services include the search services for this very reason.

Round-the-clock availability. Our offices are located in three time zones on three continents – Europe, Asia and North America – enabling us to use the 12-hour time difference productively. It’s good to know that you have a vendor who literally never closes his eyes 24 hours per day!

No language barriers. We speak three languages – Russian, Kazakh and English – so we can maintain direct contacts with our sources of information, provide high-quality information and decisions, and maintain unhindered and efficient communications with our subscribers in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, China, India, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Reliability of the information. Our specialists keep track of information using both direct, commonly accessible, and alternative sources to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the information provided to our clients.

Timeliness of information. Old information is of no use to anyone but historians. Technical regulatory information is a dynamic, constantly developing system. Tracking and updating tens and hundreds of thousands of documents isn’t easy! Some publishers of reference systems, as well as free on-line law libraries, simply accumulate piles of regulatory documents without bothering to track the revisions to these documents. Our process for tracking, verifying, and updating regulatory information is an indispensable feature of our services to clients.

Uniqueness. Our library of regulatory information and the software for using it are unequaled in content, completeness, functional capabilities, and the accuracy of the information.

Volume of information. Considering the fact that practically all areas of the economy are covered by technical regulatory information, the volume of this information is truly colossal! Approximately 200,000 technical regulations, standards, and specifications are in use in Kazakhstan. We have assembled the largest library of regulatory documents in the world, containing bibliographic information and full texts of regulatory documents in use in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan contains technical regulations, codes, standards, instructions, guidelines, manuals, and related statutory regulations, and provides the most complete and reliable information.

Wide industry coverage. Our Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan has no equal in its coverage of areas of activities and industries. The Database includes documents issued by private-sector standards developers and government organizations and oversight agencies in the spheres of fire safety, public health, industrial safety, product certification, quality control, construction, communications, transportation, energy, oil & gas, the petrochemical industry, and other industries.

Fast delivery of information. It would seem simple: package the document and send it, but logistics is much more complex in practice. A subscription to our information services simplifies the procedure for delivery of documents acquired at your request. Specifically, you send us your request to find a document, and we find it, purchase it, and send it to you. Simple!

Top-quality translation services. For an additional fee, we will translate regulatory documents into English. The coordinated work of our team of highly qualified specialists guarantees that you get top-quality translations that no translation agency can provide.

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