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Choosing Your Subscription Options

The information below will help you decide which subscription option is best for you. The answers you will find on this page will help you understand the price quotation and fill out the subscription order form.

Composition of subscription. During your subscription term to the Regulatory Information Services, we will provide you with information services and the software to use the bibliographic information and full texts of Republic of Kazakhstan regulatory documents. The software package contains two components: (1) the Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan and (2) the User Software that you use to access the Database. The software is provided in a dual-language Russian-English version.

Software licensing. The software is provided to subscribers on the basis of licenses. A separate license is used for each software product/database. The terms and conditions for installation and use of the Database are regulated by the Database End-User Licenses, while the User Software License is used for the User Software. The User Software licenses are provided free of charge, while the Database End-User Licenses must be purchased. The Database End-User Licenses are offered in packages of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20. The package of Database End-User Licenses you need to purchase depends on the planned number of users of the Database.

Number of software licenses in delivery set. For each user, the basic delivery set includes one Database End-User License and one User Software License. Accordingly, if you purchase a subscription for multiple users, you receive the appropriate number of basic delivery sets.

Additional licenses. For a subscription for more than one user, you will need to purchase additional Database End-User Licenses. In any software installation and use mode, you must purchase a number of Database End-User Licenses equal to the number of individual users of the Database. Additional User Software Licenses will be provided free of charge.

Software use mode. The Database can be installed for use in single-user, multi-user, or combined mode. To use the Database, each user must have installed a copy of the User Software on his workstation. In addition, when you subscribe to the Regulatory Information Services using the Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan in wireless networks, the delivery set will include free wireless hardware to set up your wireless network. For more details on software installation and use modes, go to the section Software.

Payment plans and subscription terms. The minimum subscription term is 3 months. Longer-term subscriptions are offered at a substantial discount. You can pay for your subscription monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, using the payment method you choose. For details and additional information, see the Pricing and Payment page.

Subscription Agreement. The Subscription Agreement is the primary document regulating the terms and conditions of the subscription to the Regulatory Information Services. The Subscription Agreement stipulates the terms and conditions for the provision of the information services. The Subscription Agreement also contains references to the vendorís invoices (or purchase receipts) and the license agreements. The vendorís invoices or purchase receipts indicate the type and quantity of licenses you purchased, the payment term, the price and payment method you have chosen. The license agreements state the terms and conditions for installation and use of the software.

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