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License Agreements

The license agreement (or simply “license”) is a legally binding agreement between the subscriber and the developer of the software or database (hereinafter referred to as “software”) and is an inseparable part of the Subscription Agreement.

The license agreement defines all terms and conditions for use of the software, including installation of the software on computers and other hardware, use of the software in computer networks, updating of the software, movement of the software from one hardware device to another, cancellation of the licenses in the event of violation of the terms and conditions of the license agreement, manufacturer’s warranties, and other terms and conditions.

In general, end-user licenses do not grant the licensee the right to property, or the right to copy, sell, or sub-license the software, for which the licensee purchased the license. One license allows installation of not more than one copy of the software to which the given license applies. To install multiple copies of the software or have multiple users who can access and use the database via a computer network, you must obtain additional licenses.

The following licenses are used with our Regulatory Information Services:

  • License
  • Available Packages
  • Used for
  • Database End-User License
  • Single- and multi-user
  • Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • User Software License
  • Single-user
  • User Software required to access and use the Database
  • Trial Database End-User License
  • Single-user
  • Trial version of the Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Database End-User Licenses

Subscribers must purchase a Database End-User License for each employee who needs access to the bibliographic information and full texts of regulatory documents stored in the Database.

Database End-User Licenses are single-copy licenses, i.e., one Database End-User License allows installation of not more than one copy of the Database, which can be accessed by no more than one user. To install multiple copies of the Database or have multiple users using the Database via the local area network, you will need to purchase the appropriate number of Database End-User Licenses.

Database End-User Licenses are offered in packages with a predetermined number of users—1, 2, 5, 10, or 20—each of whom is bound by the single-user Database End-User License.

Multi-User Packages. Each package of multiple licenses is simply a collection of single-user Database End-User Licenses offered at a deeply discounted price. The multi-user packages allow each user to posses a single copy of the Database for his or her individual use (“single-user mode”) or have the Database installed centrally for use by a group of user via your local area network (“multi-user mode”). For example, if you purchase a 5-user package, then up to five users can use the Database in single- or multi-user mode. You can substantially reduce your per-user cost by purchasing a multiple-user package of licenses instead of purchasing multiple single-user licenses.

User Software Licenses

User Software Licenses are single-copy licenses. One User Software License allows installation of not more than one copy of the User Software.

User Software Licenses are provided free of charge.

Download License Agreements

Use the links below to view the texts of the license agreements. They are in PDF format and incorporate the latest revisions and amendments.

          Database End-User License
          User Software License
          Trial Database End-User License

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